Why Cold Calling is Stupid


Wake Up, We are in the Online Age!

Everything, from products, information and services, (including real estate) any consumer may ever need is available online with the click of a mouse, and any marketer will be STUPID to think that the best use of their time is to do cold calling.

Let me explain: Just think what goes through your mind when your phone rings and it is a number you do not know or recognize. I bet you that you immediately ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Who is this?stop cold calling
  2. Why do they call me?
  3. Why should I answer the phone?

You remember how many times do you answer and when it is a telemarketer you just want to get rid of them as fast as possible. Why? Because you are not in the market for what they sell and most importantly, you do not want to be sold to!

So you do not pick up and wait for the called to leave a voice message so you can decide if you want to speak with this caller.


Is Cold Calling a Good Idea?

Statistics show that 98% of prospects start their search to buy a home online, and they do their research online! So when virtually ALL your prospects are looking for services, products and information online, WHY ARE YOU COLD CALLING?

Lead generation should be done in a way where prospects find you, your service, your offer or solution and they ask for help so when you call then they are actually grateful to receive the call and they want to do business with you. Direct response marketing can be done in may ways but the one common denominator is that by using effective  marketing strategies, prospects will be seeking you out to do business with them. They actually do the chasing. (Read the page about building your (USP) Unique Selling Proposition)

This idea requires a big mind shift, and when you get very good at it, you will never have a scarcity of highly qualified internet marketingprospects asking to do business with you.

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Send me you opinions or questions.

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16 thoughts on “Why Cold Calling is Stupid

  1. Marcus

    Yes, cold calling is so annoying. Sometimes I get so many random calls from people trying to offer me something that I often just hang up the phone without even saying goodbye.

    Many years ago, when I worked in a shop, I got a random cold call about private health insurance. The thing was, I really liked the sound of the woman’s voice, and I was really bored because it was a really quiet day, so I kept her talking just to pass the time and enjoy listening to her lovely voice. After about 10 minutes, I eventually made my excuses and hung up. It’s a shame really because I wasted her time, but I think she deserved it because I didn’t ask to be called.

    What’s the most annoying or funny cold call you have ever received?

  2. Angela

    Oh you are so right about the way leads are found and cold calling is no longer going to work for so many business. People today are more aware of where and how to find the information that they need, with their computers and phones, I am finding in the work I do that people don’t want to be bothered with sales calls and sales pitches, all they have to do is a search and find what they need….coming from direct response.

    1. Lee Post author

      Thanks for the comment. Fully agree that the focus in any marketing campaign must always be to provide a solution to a problem in a non threatening way. Wishing you success!


  3. William "Nuggie" Nugent

    I read the article about lead generation. I wanted a few more tidbits to grab my interest.
    You have done a good job bringing attention to how cold calling has gone by the wayside.
    I will say that things have changed and in order to reach a client we must offer them something useful in order to get their attention.
    Overall, good article.

  4. RuthM

    Oh I just couldn’t do cold calling. I had to do it once for a job and it was horrendous! I had to go into a quiet room because it made me cringe so much so that no one could hear my sales patter.

    I have never been a sales person, but I would love to have a home business and this is the kind of thing that has stopped me before. So its refreshing to hear that this doesn’t have to be part of your business plan! great news!

    1. Lee Post author

      Hi, thanks for the comment and sorry for the delay in me replying. I was visiting South Africa.

      Not to say that cold calling does not work but we can spend our time much more productive.

  5. Tar

    Hello there. That’s a strong voice you have there relating to the title. Well, it seems heavily disregarded.

    I personally quite annoyed when someone try to sell me without giving notice.

    Directly speaking, I told them to call me back as I am ‘in the middle of meeting’.
    Just a trick to stop the call.

    I see that you have the right ways to create relationship customers.

    1. Lee Post author

      Thanks for the comment. I don’t implicate that cold calling doesn’t work, it is just a very ineffective way to spend your time doing prospecting.

  6. Clarisse

    Cold calls are very disturbing and before I came to understand, I used to think my phone got hacked. Even now, I do not understand how these people get hold of my phone number, is it by guessing or does my service provider actually give it to them? There was one cold call that actually knew my name, when that happened I was too scared and decided to change my number. Online life is the way forward, that’s why we should maximise on the opportunity to provide useful info.

    1. Lee Post author

      Thanks for the reply. The retail companies sell your information. Every time you apply for a retail card (eg, CVS, Walgreens, etc) and you provide them with your personal and contact details they sell this information to “List Brokers” who in turn sell it to telemarketing companies.

  7. Neil

    When I was a part of a face-to-face Network Marketing opportunity, we were taught how to prospect random people, ask for phone numbers and also make home visits. I think selling products and opportunities to family and friends is one thing, but approaching strangers is something entirely different. I hated having to visit the homes of the people I didn’t know, and show them presentations! It makes you feel very uncomfortable.

    In this day and age where the internet provides a huge opportunity, there is no need for cold calling.Why waste your time, effort and money, dealing with strangers and facing lots of rejection, when you can build an honest online business and attract the right people instead?

    Cold calling is such an outdated and dumb method, in my opinion.

    The internet is where you should be if you want customers, sales and profits.

    Cold Calling sucks!!!


    1. Lee Post author

      Thanks for the comment Neil, My experience with this was the same.

  8. Nick

    Yeah, I know for me personally cold calling doesn’t work. Whenever I see a number on my phone that I don’t recognize I let it go to voicemail because if it’s important they will leave me a message. When they don’t, I pretty much know that it’s a telemarketer and I add them to my blocked numbers list.

    Using a nice website to attract quality leads is a way better method! I’m on the internet ALL the time and I bet a lot of other people are too.

    1. Lee Post author

      Thanks Nick, I do the same as you and also block numbers of telemarketers. All the best with your marketing.


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