When to Walk Away from Business!

By | January 18, 2016

Why You Should Walk Away from Business?

Many business people ask the question “When to fire a client? and this may sound crazy, but believe me sometimes it is crucial for your business to let youre firedclients or potential clients go.  You will know them when you meet them, they will just waste away you time and ultimately your energy.

Walking away from business is not in our nature, we see potential and want to harvest it and sometimes this overrides our reasoning. Choosing who you work with and walking away from business may be the smartest thing you can do for your business. Remember who you work with is a direct reflection of your business.

Some of the tell tale signs of potential clients you do not want to work with:

  1. They do not respect your time

You setup a meeting and they arrive 30 or an hour late. Not only this but they then expect you to stay until they are finished without regard of other appointments waiting for you. By accepting this you show them that your time is not valuable and this will set the tone for the rest of your business relationship.

      2. They Micromanage

These are the clients that “knows” a lot more than what you know about your expertise and they will attempt to convince you why your proposals will not work. Just imagine working with a client who will be questioning everything you, every day do and tell you why what you are doing will not work. These clients will “force” their ideas and blame you afterwards when it does not produce results.

      3. They are vague about their Business goals and budgets

These clients are most probably shopping around for ideas and in all probability they are playing the field. Chances are great that you will be spending a lot of time on presenting proposals and plans without any financial benefit. These type of clients will also not commit to working with you, just ask them for a firm commitment in writing and see.

Ultimately you as a business professional must decide what is the best for your business and how to best spend you time productively. A colleague questioned me on my reasoning for walking away from potential business after the 1st meeting with the clients. His words was “How can you know what the outcome of the game will be without stepping on the plate to bat”  and while this holds true for baseball, with these clients we are not even playing on the same field, so stepping onto the p[late does not matter.

I will rather let them down now than letting both them and myself down later.

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