The Money is in the Followup


Got a Lead, Now What?

We already established that lead generation is the easy part of any online business, but once the lead is generated now what?
Now we need an effective followup process to ensure we have the best possible change of converting the lead into aFollowup on Leads client. This is especially true in the real estate industry.
Research shows that it takes on average 7 “touches” or contacts to convert a lead into a sale, so you will agree that without an effective followup system you limit the chances of converting the lead. This is the same with real estate leads.

Without a proper followup system it will be the same as opening a tap and not having a glass to catch the water, most of it will waste away.

Followup leadsDid you know that most leads are not followed up.
It is crazy to spend time and money to generate a lead and then not followup to get a sale and generate a profit.

Automate your Followup.

We live in a society where immediate gratification is expected. So once the lead submitted their details on your lead capture form to receive your offering it is important that they have immediate access, or they will just move to the next site.

In my experience one of the top automation tool/email system available for your business is SENDLANE.COM

It is very inexpensive, easy to setup and manage, and will allow you to setup automated email followup campaigns to best reach each type of lead that you generate. It also provide the added value of tracking the activity and interest of each individual lead.

You can also build landing pages and have it hosted here as part of the system.

Test drive Sendlane for 14 Days and check out how easy it is to automate your email campaigns.

I know that this service will be of great value for your business.

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