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Understanding Real Estate SEO Marketing

SEO Real Estate

When focusing on SEO, Real Estate Agents must understand what SEO is all about. In short SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is the method for generating “free” organic traffic to a website through organic searches done on the numerous search engines.

Keywords and Real Estate SEO traffic

When a potential customer search online he will type the words of phrase of what he is searching for and this is called a keyword or a keyword phrase.

The search engine will then pull up all the websites that contain this keyword or phrase allowing the visitor to access these websites. The most popular websites that contain this keyword or phrase will appear 1st on the search page and will get the most number of visitors.
You most probably found this website by searching the keywords “Real Estate SEO” or “SEO Real Estate”.

Website ResearchKeyword Research is the cornerstone of a real estate SEO marketing strategy. Research what your customer is looking for and provide then with quality content to answer those questions or to provide a solution. An example of a keyword phrase is “How to buy my 1st home” and a website containing this keyword and with quality content explaining the process could will rank high in the search engines, depending on the competition by other sites for this keyword.

How are websites Ranked for Real Estate SEO?

This can be summarized in two words – Quality & Content

The websites that provide the best quality and keyword rich content to enhance the experience of the visitor will rank the highest in the search engines.

There is not shortcut for achieving a high SEO ranking, and if any real estate agent wishes to rank their website high on the search engines, they must be prepared to regularly add quality information to their website.

Checklist for real estate SEO

  • Keyword Research – Research the keywords and keyword phrases that  real estate prospects in your area are searching for the most. Checklist SEO real etsate
  • Competition research – Do a search for those keywords to find out who are on the 1st page of results. This is your competition for those keywords. Provide better quality information and content and you may well outrank them in time to come.
  • Unique Quality Content – Make sure that you create a webpage dedicated to each keyword / keyword phase and to create unique quality content for each webpage. Do not duplicate other content as this will have a negative impact on your rankings.The content must be “Fresh” and answer a specific question or address a specific topic.
  • Write with the reader in mind – When creating content, make it engaging and easy to read. Use short paragraphs and eye catching headings and sub headings.
  • Use images – The use of related images makes the website more interesting and appealing. Also use the keywords for image taglines.
  • About me – Make sure the website has an interesting about us / about me page. This create trust and let the prospects know there is a real person behind the website.
  • Privacy policy – Create a privacy policy page
  • Site Map –  Create a sitemap for your website

MOST important aspect for effective Real Estate SEO, is to regularly create new webpages with unique content or regularly post unique content on the blog.

The search engines regularly change the algorithms they use to rank pages but the one constant for them is that they want to enhance the experience of their visitors, and the one way to achieve this is to give their visitors what they want with quality content and websites.

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