Still Cold Call to Generate Real Estate Leads?

By | February 11, 2016

If your main source of lead generation is cold calling think of the words of George Carlin “Now That is Really Stupid“. real estate leads

Do not be offended because the reality is that cold calling a a method to generate real estate leads is still taught and advocated by many “dinosaur” real estate agents and real estate brokers who just do not know better.

Unfortunately this is also the main reason so many real estate agents fail in their first year in the business. They fail because they just do not know how to do effective lead generation.

Many agents follow the lead of the agents at the office who is hanging around the water cooler. Just notice that these are also the agents that do not have anything going and they will always have an excuse why things are not working out for them.

Well over 90% of all home buyers start their search and research online before they will ever speak with a real estate agent. Will it not be more effective to get those people to reach out to you right at the beginning of their home search? Reaching these prospects by cold calling is like looking for a needle in a haystack, literally!

There are so many effective methods out there to generate a abundance of quality, motivated and qualified real estate leads. Just think of direct response marketing where you offer something of value (I dedicated a whole page on that on this website).

If you are still cold calling please stop right now and spend your time and money more effectively.

If you are lazy and looking for excuses why you do not succeed, please do some cold calling, you deserve the results.

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