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By | January 22, 2016

Real Estate lead generation websites are one of the most crucial tools any modern real estate agent need. You will notice that I used the plural for website because that is what is required to be truly successful in lead generation.

We need both a branded website and several less branded websites. The branded site could be generic and is mainly to introduce yourself (brand yourself) to your customers or visitors and on this website you provide resources and tools.

The less branded sites will be your principle lead generation site. This will not look like a typical real estate website. Each site should be one page and address only one specific niche for example if your focus is to generate cash buyer and investor leads, advertise to get them access to distressed or bank foreclosure properties. Get them to opt in on a form by offering them something of benefit, such as access to the list of distressed homes. The result is a lead.

Another example is where you have a website that only deal with a specific area or neighborhood and offer to provide them with easy access to all the listings in that neighborhood, offer to setup a showing, etc. To get this list they opt in and again the result is a lead.

There are many providers that offer so called lead generation websites but in my experience the majority of these are not worth a lot.

Creating your own real estate lead generation websites is so easy and fast, and if the correct methods and resources are used, can be setup without you having to spent one dime. Sites such a weebly to mention one do provide free websites which are plug and play and a lead generation website can be setup in minutes.

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