Why Pay for Real Estate Lead Generation Services?

By | August 28, 2015

To rely on real estate lead generation services companies for you business leads may well be suicide for your real estate business in the long run.

The reasons real estate agents rely on buying leads is mainly because they do not have the knowledge to do it blogging-336375_640themselves, or they are just plain lazy. Real estate is one of the least regulated industries and with just a couple of hours training  someone can get a license to practice real estate, and this training unfortunately does not include lead generation and marketing and the agent will be relying on his broker to teach him how to find leads and clients.

Many brokers went through the same “school of hard knocks” and thus also does not have the marketing knowledge to pass on to their agents. The new agent will struggle along for a while and if they do not give up, they will either get a real mentor to help them or they will go to the next step and start paying for leads.

There are essentially two types of real estate lead generation companies, the one type that will sell the same lead to several real estate agents in a City or zip code, and the second type who will actually provide an agent with a lead generation website and also provide services to assist the agent to generate his/her own and exclusive real estate leads. For this second option the agent does not have to know how to do it and the agent can only focus on following up and conversion.

There is another possibility, which is for the agent to get the education necessary to generate his/her own lead generation websites and marketing those websites effectively to generate exclusive leads for their real estate business. These skills are essential because it will enable the agent to test and change and add to his lead generation website to keep up with market changes without having to rely on someone else to dictate his real estate business.

Although the old school methods such as door knocking and cold calling still work to get clients, this is not the most Start Onlineeffective use of your time. If more than 90% of real estate customers start their search and research  online before they buy or sell real estate, it will make sense that it is where you should focus the majority of your marketing and lead generation efforts.

Learning the skills to build your own effective lead generation website and to do effective and targeted marketing will take less time than it took to get your license and the return may be phenomenal. Learn the principles of direct target marketing, direct response lead generation and automated followup systems and build the type of real estate income you desire, without relying on or making rich the real estate lead generation services providers.

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