Quality of a Lead


Not All Prospects are the Same!

Off the bat you must understand that not all leads are the same especially with online lead generation.

So you identified a potential market, build your lead capture website offering a real benefit, you marketed the benefit and the result is a lead, so what now? It’s simple, we establish the quality of the lead by contacting them:

  • Ask the lead about his/her motivation and timing.
  • Ask why they were looking for the solution.
  • Ask about their time frame for buying/getting the service.hunter and farmer
  • By asking probing questions, you be able to determine the quality of the lead.

Only when you have answers to all your questions will you be able to determine the quality of the lead.

The Hunter and the Farmer

In lead generation you must always remember to be both a hunter and a farmer.

By qualifying the leads you will establish who is ready NOW (Hunter leads that represent immediate sales) and who is not ready (Farmer leads that represent future sales).

Work the Hunter leads NOW and nurture the Farmer leads for future sales.

With qualifying you will also be able to get rid of those leads/prospects that do not represent any now or future business or sales for you or your team. Here I will urge you to get rid of them because they will steal your time and your energy.

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