Top Social Media Marketing Services


Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing Services

Social media became such an powerful medium for people to connect and communicate and if used correctly will provide an excellent platform for the business to communicate with their audience.
One of the most powerful tools for any business to create credibility is through social proof. Testimonials, or positive comments by clients that are shared in social media provide positive social proof about the customer service of your business.


One of the most well know social media service is Facebook and the power of Facebook in creating social proof for a business should not be underestimated.
Each business must have a Business Facebook page and adding regular content and engaging with customers will create a lot of credibility and also customer loyalty.
Ensure that you provide regular content that if informative and provide a real benefit of knowledge to your Facebook followers. Having a Facebook page and not posting regularly is worse that having no business faceboo page at all.


Twitter is a huge deal for a lot of businesses and by setting up a twitter page for your business this is a very effective way of keeping your customers updated on new developments.
The appeal of Twitter is that it is short condensed messages and therefor it is seldom ignored. Again as with any social media messages should be informative and posted regularly.


Few people realize how big Pinterest became and it is currently ranked by Alexa in as number 16 in the USA for traffic. With more than 100 million users worldwide and around 47 million in the USA, this is a platform not to be ignored.
Sneaking up on Facebook and Twitter another interesting fact is that the conversion rates on twitter for sales was around 42% in 2014.
Pinterest for business was introduced and it is highly recommended that any business become active on Pinterest and regularly post to generate activity.

There are many other social media marketing services available and it is recommended that you get very proficient at one or two methods and stick to those before adding another.

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