Branding is NOT Important!


Why Branding Is Not Important

When you join a real estate company the 1st thing they teach you is to “Brand” yourself. Real estate brokers who teach this do brandingnot know any better because this is what they were taught 30 years ago. This is not only ineffective but is also a huge waste of your time and money. If you are spending money on branded advertising STOP IT RIGHT NOW!

Real estate agents are considered a commodity and considered all the same by real estate buyers and sellers, so unless you can show them that there is a real value in working with you, you will be considered the same as every other agent.

Just look around and you will notice that very real estate agent will brand themselves as the “Top agent” or as being “Honest” or the “Best” or “hardworking” or the “Area expert” and so forth. These are no real benefits and does not provide any compelling reason for a home buyer or seller to do business with you.


People run away from Network Marketers, avoid insurance salespeople, to mention a few and the reason is there is no compelling WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)

The question is do you want to brand yourself and starve of getting leads or do you want to show real benefits and thereby generate massive amounts of leads.


One Key Element of Effective Advertising

When I first stated off in real estate, my coach asked me one question:” Why will a prospect do business with you rather than any other provider”  

This is the most important you need to answer to become really successful at lead generation. Remember as said before, everybody else is marketing themselves as being “Hardworking” and “Honest” and an “Expert” and “Will do Their Best” and so forth so How Do You Stand Out.

Identify a real need of a prospect have or identify a problem that a prospect have and focus on providing a solution in a fast, efficient and non threatening manner. solution

A few examples: Real estate prospects do not want a mortgage – they need one to buy a home and they need a broker to find them the best possible rate so they can benefit.

Real estate prospects do not want a real estate agent – they need one to help them to find and to show them the best house at the lowest possible price so they can benefit by paying less.

MLM prospects do not want to join a MLM company – they may need one to achieve their goal of making residual income so they can benefit.

Insurance prospects do not want to speak with an insurance specialist, they need one to get the best possible rate so that they can benefit.

Focus on the benefits that you can provide in addition to what others can provide.

This is a 3 step process:

Step 1. – Do your research to identify the needs your prospects have. There are several ways to do this research and the most effective is to ask them, or to find out what solutions are they searching online. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate University where there are many training and videos available on effective keyword research. It is a free community to join so Check it Out HERE!

Step 2. – Identify the solution you can provide to solve their problem. Identity how your solution is different AND how your solution will benefit them more than any other solution.

Step 3. – Offer the prospect access to this solution is a compelling benefit rich advertisement. Offer access to this solution in a non threatening manner, in this case a website that is only focused on providing the solution in exchange for their contact details. AT THIS STAGE DO NOT FOCUS THE WEBSITE ON BRANDING.

Getting these 3 steps in place and the result is an abundance of leads.

To summarize: Once you have analyzed and answered the question “Why will a prospect do business with you rather than any other provider” you are well on your way of generating leads at will.

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