What’s Your Lead Generation Funnel?

By | January 4, 2018

Lead generation is a process and not an event…

What do I mean by that. The mistake many real estate agents make is to do online lead generation without having a process, also called a funnel.

Remember that when a person start their real estate search online they do not have any intention of speaking with a real estate agent. They just want information to educate themselves. This provide a great opportunity for the wise marketer to provide them with the information in a non threatening way and then use the funnel to become the go to for their questions. The wise marketer will automate this whole process so they personally only become involved when the prospect is ready to buy or sell.

The funnel and how to automate it is extremely easy to explain. It consists of only 5 items:

=> A free item, report or service to offer
=> A simple one page Squeeze page/ Lead capture page
=> An optimized Thank You Page
=> An auto responder service
=> Followup emails and broadcasts

Let me explain:

  1. Create a one page landing page offering a solution to a real estate problem in exchange for their email. The prospect can immediately access the information to answer their questions. An example of such a landing page is http://flhomebuyer.weebly.com. In this page we offer a Free Flood insurance report. And who do you think will be interested in more information about flood insurance? You may offer a free home staging report for sellers, or a first time home buyer report, a free list of homes, etc. The possibilities are endless and it is always best to offer something that will be appealing to clients in your area. Remember the prospect will always ask what value will they get in exchange for their information.
  2. The email will go into an autoresponder service such as Sendlane.
  3. The thank you page. This is something that very, very few marketers utilize to their full potential. This is a great opportunity to share with your lead the services that you offer and how this will benefit them.
  4. Automated followup emails to go out to your lead at regular intervals. This is supplemented by regular broadcasts about important new information or a newsletter.

How do you do this:

At a monthly fee of around $25 a service like Sendlane  will provide you with easy to optimize lead generation pages (Such as the one above), capturing and storing your leads including a fully optimized auto-responder service where you will be able to setup your automated email sequence. You will also be able to distribute your newsletter or broadcast important news to your leads.

Full training is provided for free and you even get the opportunity to test out Sendlane  for a full 14 days to see how it works for you.

I am personally using this service automate my own lead generation, lead capture and lead followup process.

For the full 14 days free trial Click Here!

Remember to reach out to me with any questions or comments. Just email me at lee@releadgeneration.com


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