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By | November 13, 2014

WHY Branded Marketing is NOT important

In the real estate industry every new agent is told to “brand” themselves in the market. Well here’s an interesting fact: The customers do not care about your branding, they care about how they can get the best service at the lowest price, period!

(Remember the question every prospect ask themselves – To remind your self again Read HERE!)

As said before, I believe that the only reason new agents is told to focus on branding is because their broker/trainer or mentor does not know any better.

If you understand what prospects want and you understand to provide this to them in a fast, easy and non threatening way, you are well on your way to being successful with lead generation.

WHEN Branding Marketing IS important

Branding becomes important only after you engaged the prospect and they become a customer or client. They already know you, they received help from you and you are building a relationship with them. Now is a good time to “Brand” the benefits they receive by working with you rather than anybody else. Now is a good time to emphasize your brand and what it can do for them.

It’s Only about the Benefit

Many real estate agents will remain poor at lead generation and starve for business simply because they are not prepared to learn and understand that it is NEVER about them, it is ONLY about the benefit of doing business with them.

To learn how to build a successful lead generation platform based on the marketing of benefits educate yourself about online marketing and you can start for free HERE!

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