Joined an MLM & Now WHO?


Shocking Fact: It’s estimated that around 200,000 people a week drop out or stop their network marketing business.

The reason is that they do not make money with their business. The largest majority of MLM companies provide training to their distributors but again the training being provided by the largest majority will be insufficient to build and sustain a profitable business.

Joined an MLM & Now WHO! – What does this mean?

The simple truth is: to succeed a network marketer needs to get really good at lead generation. There is a learning curve and the question should not be HOW but WHO.

However good the intentions are for you to make money by marketing and selling the products of the MLM, you will not make enough money by JUST selling. Selling is important but TO MAKE MONEY IN ANY MLM YOU NEED TO BUILD A TEAM. In simple terms, this means recruiting (No do NOT try recruiting your family and friends!!! Leave them alone…).

WHO will you get to mentor you or guide you to become really good at marketing & recruiting. There are so many mentors out there that already done it themselves, that have the systems in place, and WHO will be able to effectively train, mentor to put systems in place so you will be getting paid over and over by only doing the work once!

Without a proven system to automate your MLM recruitment and lead generation, the chances of success are very slim. Getting a mentor is not an expense, it is an INVESTMENT in your business.

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