Hey Dumb-ass, you are too smart!

By | January 23, 2018

Hope I did not offend you and if I did, read this first and then let me know if you still feel that way.

I had the opportunity to converse on lead generation issues with many real estate agents. The one think all successful agents have in common is that they have a lead generation system and they stick to that system diligently. Some of these systems in my opinion is not the best use of prospecting time (such as cold calling and door knocking) but if you do it diligently you will get business. (You may not spend time with your loved one’s but you will have business.)

Other systems such direct response marketing is much less time consuming but again for this to be effective you need to be diligent and do it consistently for it to be successful.

Now to get to the heading. Lead generation is really simple, so keep it simple. I have worked with some highly intelligent agents, who just cannot make their lead generation work. They will spend money on coaching programs and systems but it just does not work.

The reason they cannot make it work is that they believe that there must be a better and more intelligent way to do lead generation, so they ignore what the coaches teach. They will be changing and adapting already proven and successful lead generation strategies because they believe it is too simple a so they never stick with one strategy long enough to be successful. To them I want to say, “Hey Dumb-ass you are too clever”

I experienced this 1st hand while coaching agents in lead generation. They will sit with me and see how simple it is as we generate 10 to 20 leads per day, but they will still not apply what they see and they will attempt to convince you there must be a better way.

Do not over complicate your lead generation, select one or two methods and when it works, stick with it.

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