Why Your Real Estate Leads Will Never Work with You!

By | January 2, 2018

So you have done your planning, you have spend a lot of time and also a lot off effort to setup your lead generation campaigns, and you are now generating a constant stream of exclusive real estate leads, enough to potentially earn you a substantial commission. But something is missing, very few of these leads actually has any potential.

The fact is that most of the leads you generate does not pan out to anything. You spoke with many of those leads, followed up and even felt you had report with some of them and then nothing.

You follow again and again but they do not take your calls or even answer to you emails and messages.

You know that in today’s world that everybody’s cell phone is always within reaching distance so by now you must realize they do not want to talk with you. You may even to think that you did something wrong.

You are dead wrong! The truth is that very few of the leads that you will ever generate online will work with you to buy or sell a home.

Extensive testing has been done with every type of online lead generation strategy, from SEO, to buying leads, to paid advertising to social media advertising, and the result is the same.

At most 3% of leads you will generate online will ever work with you. This is irrespective of how effective or good you are at following up and conversion. If you followup and conversion really sucks, this figure will go down significantly to perhaps 1% if you are lucky. So the reality is that out of every 100 leads you generate online, between 97 and 99 on your real estate leads will never work with you to buy or sell a home. THIS IS OKAY!

I will share with you how to overcome this, but 1st I want to share why this is happening. The greatest majority of people who search online do not have any intention to buy or sell a home right now. Nobody wakes up one morning saying, “I am going to buy a home right now” and then goes online to find a home to buy. NO, they will start their research months and even years in advance and at that time they are not ready to speak with anybody, especially not a real estate agent who will attempt to sell them something. They are just not ready at this time so if they avoid you. For these leads your best course of action will be to automate your followup process. I dedicated a whole section on this website on followup automation.

Another aspect is that a large number of the leads never had any intention of buying something and was just fooling around online.

Believe me when I started out I wanted to work with every lead and I believed that every lead will buy or sell a home. So in essence I have tried to change the statistics and nearly burned myself out trying to work with unmotivated leads. Don’t do it, there is another solution.

The solution to this problem is actually really simple. If you want to work with more leads, doing more sales and listings, then generate more leads.

Simply generate more leads. Lead generation especially in the real estate industry is and will always be the easiest part of your business. This whole website and all the free information herein is dedicated to helping real estate agents to consistently generating more leads. https://releadgeneration.com/


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