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By | August 6, 2017

I found this awesome free book about building a lead generation and lead automation funnel. This book shows in detail how easily the process can be implemented. Check it out –

Before you check it out 1st read below – This is important.

Why Automation?

A major component of any marketing strategy should be automation of the process.

Getting the real estate lead is and will always be the easiest part of the process, and when both lead generation AND lead followup is automated, it is very powerful and will make a huge positive difference in the bottom line.

The downfall of many real estate agents and other professionals is the followup. To generate the lead is not only easy but it is a very small part of the whole process.

When generating real estate buyers leads online, the most important thing to remember is that the majority of the leads will be 6 months or more from buying a home.  The reason is that buying a home is a long process and prospects will start this process months or even a year or two before they will be ready to buy. So think of it as building your real estate business of  the future.

There are effective ways to generate NOW leads online as well, and I discuss and teach that in detail in my coaching sessions.

To qualify and establish the motivation of your lead is the 2nd most important aspect. It is very important to categorize your leads as not all leads are now buyers.

Qualifying the leads into categories such as now buyers, 6 months from buying, 1 year from buying, etc, will enable you to tailor your followup process.  I am sure you will agree that the same followup effort will apply to a now buyer and a buyer who is 1 year from taking action.

The Money is in the Followup

To consistently and effective followup with all the leads is the most important thing you can do for your business.

Remember some of the leads may only buy in 2 years and by having a consistent approach will give you the biggest opportunity to get their business when they are ready. You have the opportunity to become their trusted adviser.

It is essential to automate this followup process because without a process you will loose leads you generated before they are ready to buy. The reason? You will not effectively followup with all the leads. This means you throw away leads you paid money for to generate. You not only lost the lead you also lost out on getting the commission from that lead. 

Remember to followup with all your leads is fairly easy when you only have a few, buy once you automate and you have thousands of leads in your funnel, there is no way for anybody to do followup manually. So automate your lead generation process and followup process right from the start.

Free Book

I do advise that you get this free book now. I do not know how long this will remain available for free. This is a great roadmap to automate both your lead generation and followup in a simple process.


Get the book now and thank me later.


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