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By | January 16, 2018

This whole site is dedicated to proof to you that Lead generation is the easy part of the real estate business.

All the information I share with you on this  site is free but please note that most the tools I use in my own business is not free (I may share links to those tools for those who are interested).

Today I am sharing information on a Free tool that very few marketers knows about that will assist you in generating traffic to your website.

Remember the formula:  Optimized Website + Traffic + Followup = Leads and Sales

This tool is called and I create a short 5 minute video tutorial on how to use Check it out here:

I am sure this is of great value so please share and visit my Facebook lead generation page at

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I am Lee and I am an online marketing expert and we specialize in online lead generation for the real estate industry, more specifically showing, training and mentoring real estate agents and real estate investors to generate an abundance of lead for their business at no or very little cost.

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