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By | August 19, 2015

Are your Real Estate leads Really Exclusive Real Estate Leads?

Like the majority of real estate agents who do not know how to generate their own leads you may also be one of those who succumb to buying leads through lead sources such as Zollow, Trulia, Realtor.com or the hundreds of other sites that make their money selling real estate leads.

You will also by now realize that these buyer or seller leads are not provided to you exclusively. In most cases the same real estate lead is sold and handed off to numerous agents who then compete for the business, much like doing cold calling.

These leads are not exclusive to you and the ONLY 2 reasons a real estate agent buys leads are that they do not know how to generate exclusive leads for themselves or that they are just plain lazy.

To generate your own exclusive real estate leads through direct response marketing campaigns is easy but it takes EFFORT and time, so if you are lazy you will not succeed.

If you are a real estate agent that is serious about your real estate business it is very easy to setup automated systems to generate you own exclusive real estate leads 24/7, and the systems and processes are described in detail in this website, and will be expanded regularly.

Just a reminder that it takes time (can be outsourced at a very low fee once it is setup) and consistency to generate a constant and reliable stream of exclusive real estate leads for you business, so do not even start if you are not dedicated to do it for the long run.

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