Lead Generation with DRM (Direct Response Marketing)


What is Direct Response Marketing

In very simple terms this is marketing or advertising that communicate an offer directly to the target market using various mediums such as online display ads, emails, fliers to mention a few, with the specific purpose to get customers to interact by requesting information or buy the product.

DRM strategy

DRM strategy

In simple terms it just mean that your advertising (online, print or other) offers a   solution to a problem by pointing the prospect to a website or call capture hotline where they provide their details in exchange for the solution, resulting in a lead.

It is important to remember that a prospect that went through all the trouble to get the information has a real problem they want to solve.

Characteristics of successful direct response marketing

  • Generating a database also called a CMS (Client Management System) of names of prospects that responds to your marketing is essential to success with any marketing campaign, and even more so with direct response marketing. Relevant information such as contact number/address, purchase history, interaction, etc., will help to develop an effective strategy to market to these prospects. Remember that it takes up to 7 contacts before a prospect becomes a client so management and cultivation of your prospects is essential you your long term success.
  • Your continued marketing messages are then targeted to address these prospects directly providing more information to solve their problem. This marketing can be both online and offline, depending on the market you are targeting
  • Direct response advertising drive prospects to a specific “call to action.” Examples of such a call to action will think globalbe to click on a link to a website, or ask the prospect to call an information line, mail in a response or request, etc. The purpose is to capture the details of the prospect
  • Direct response marketing focus on tracking measurable responses, results and costs of generating a prospect or response regardless of the type of marketing or advertising medium used. A simple rule is that if it cannot be measures don’t do it.
  • Followup is EVERYTHING. Because a focused direct response marketing/advertising campaign focus on the potential customer, followup is an essential and integral part to be truly successful using direct response marketing as a strategy.

What Determines the Success of Any Marketing Campaign

Remember consistency and effective followup will determine the success of any marketing campaign. Generating qualified leads is easy, converting those leads is where you will make your money.
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