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You Don’t Want to Hear Their Answer…

This may be brutal and not something you want to hear, but this may just change your business forever. Statistics shows that 79% of all leads are not followed up with and this is really a scary statistic. (check out my page at The reason for this is most likely very different than you… Read More »

The Real Reason Why Clients Will Not Work With You!

If you are like most real estate agents you’ve spent a lot of money, effort and time to generate leads both online and offline. You are really successful in getting the leads because we already know that real estate lead generation is not the problem, right? And as the leads comes in you followup diligently,… Read More »

Free Book – Automate your Lead Generation

I found this awesome free book about building a lead generation and lead automation funnel. This book shows in detail how easily the process can be implemented. Check it out – Before you check it out 1st read below – This is important. Why Automation? A major component of any marketing strategy should be automation of… Read More »

Go Viral with Instagram

Website Traffic from Instagram The success of any website is determined by the traffic that website gets and more importantly, the quality of this traffic. Getting traffic from visitors that have no interest in your product of your offering is not profitable but provides a great opportunity to piggyback on these visitors to promote your… Read More »

Still Cold Call to Generate Real Estate Leads?

If your main source of lead generation is cold calling think of the words of George Carlin “Now That is Really Stupid“. Do not be offended because the reality is that cold calling a a method to generate real estate leads is still taught and advocated by many “dinosaur” real estate agents and real estate… Read More »

When to Walk Away from Business!

Why You Should Walk Away from Business? Many business people ask the question “When to fire a client? and this may sound crazy, but believe me sometimes it is crucial for your business to let clients or potential clients go.  You will know them when you meet them, they will just waste away you time… Read More »