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Are You a Real Estate Lead Generator?

The Difference! There is a huge difference between someone who uses another company or service to generate lead for them and being a real estate lead generator yourself. If you truly understand your customer and you truly understand the principles of effective lead generation you will be able to enter any new marketplace and start… Read More »

Lead Generation for Home Based Business, Internet Marketing Techniques

Lead Generation To generate leads for any type of business, the same message apply. – Offer something of value to address the problem or question and fulfill the desire of the audience. – This sound simple but I found that there are some “Rules“. With lead generation for home based business, internet marketing may be very effective… Read More »

Real Estate Lead Generation Software

Researching real estate lead generation software you will find a lot of websites claiming to provide those services. Reality is that there is only one way to get online leads and that is by getting visitors to your website. The fact is that people will only go to websites where they will find a solution to… Read More »

Exclusive Real Estate Leads

Are your Real Estate leads Really Exclusive Real Estate Leads? Like the majority of real estate agents who do not know how to generate their own leads you may also be one of those who succumb to buying leads through lead sources such as Zollow, Trulia, or the hundreds of other sites that make their… Read More »

Lead Generation & Branding

WHY Branded Marketing is NOT important In the real estate industry every new agent is told to “brand” themselves in the market. Well here’s an interesting fact: The customers do not care about your branding, they care about how they can get the best service at the lowest price, period! (Remember the question every prospect… Read More »