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Hey Dumb-ass, you are too smart!

Hope I did not offend you and if I did, read this first and then let me know if you still feel that way. I had the opportunity to converse on lead generation issues with many real estate agents. The one think all successful agents have in common is that they have a lead generation system and they… Read More »

Free Traffic

This whole site is dedicated to proof to you that Lead generation is the easy part of the real estate business. All the information I share with you on this  site is free but please note that most the tools I use in my own business is not free (I may share links to those tools… Read More »

Cheap Real Estate Leads

Hi Guys, I want to share this with you because it is a question I frequently get asked: “Where do I get cheap real estate leads”. Before I can answer this I then ask: What is Cheap? You should not refer to it as a cost, but rather as an investment in the growth of your business.  You… Read More »

The Law of Patience

Achieving great success with lead generation is a learning process until you understand why it works. This may take some time. This cannot be better explained than through a quote below by EPICTETUS, an influential Stoic and disciple of Socrates: Another quote, this time by Elbert Hubbard deals with taking action: Parties who want milk should… Read More »

What’s Your Lead Generation Funnel?

Lead generation is a process and not an event… What do I mean by that. The mistake many real estate agents make is to do online lead generation without having a process, also called a funnel. Remember that when a person start their real estate search online they do not have any intention of speaking… Read More »

Lead Generation with Pinterest

The Power of Pinterest! Pinterest is currently receiving around 63 million unique US visitors every month, a growth of more than 11 million users in 10 months. This is very powerful and Pinterest rank No 13 in the USA for traffic. This provide a huge opportunity for online marketers to generate massive traffic to their sites. Even… Read More »

Real Estate Lead Generation Websites

Real Estate lead generation websites are one of the most crucial tools any modern real estate agent need. You will notice that I used the plural for website because that is what is required to be truly successful in lead generation. We need both a branded website and several less branded websites. The branded site… Read More »