Call Reluctance


Call Reluctance Syndrome, also known simply as Call Reluctance, is a phenomenon where salespeople become afraid to reach out and make phone calls. This is most typically observed at the start of potential customer relationships, often referred to as cold calling.

A recent research study found that 48% of business-to-business salespeople are afraid of making cold calls. Sadly, salespeople who are afraid of making cold calls have trouble hitting their quotas, are more stressed, and are likely making less money than their counterparts who don’t share this phobia.

In most cases this reluctance is a direct result of the sales person not feeling confident in their own knowledge about their industry or product. The fear of rejection also plays a major part in call reluctance.

Here are easy steps to overcome your Anxiety of Cold Calling

  1. The foundation of every good call is proper preparation, and the time you take to prepare will payoff in the long run.
    Part of your preperation is to create a good script. Having a good script to follow is the best way to keep you focused on the purpose of the call.
    There are many sales scripts available for you to get ideas from.
    Learn, practice and role play the script to the extend that you no longer have to refer to it when making a call.
  2. The purpose of the initial call is to establish motivation and timing of the lead and the script will ensure that this is achieved.
  3. Not all leads are created equal so see the call as an interview so YOU can decide if you want to work with this person. Just as it is okay for someone to not work with you, it is also okay for you to decide not to work with someone.
  4. Take pauses and breathe.
  5. Create a dialogue, ask questions, listen to responses and take notes.

The greater majority of people you reach out to will be polite, unfortunately you will encounter rude people as well. Embrace rejection because those are the people you do not want to waste your time and effort on.

Hope this helps and as always your comments are appreciated.