Do I Get the Best Real Estate Leads?

By | October 6, 2015

Are All Leads Equal?

The answer is yes and no. Real estate agents often search for providers who can provide them with the best real estate leads but they need to understand that a lead is just that, a lead, and without having a meaningful conversation withLead gen the lead to establish the motivation and the timing it is virtually impossible to determine if it is a viable prospect to work with or not.

So all leads are equal until such time as they are contacted.

Qualifying a Lead.

Too many real estate agents suffer from what we call “Call Reluctance” and this prevent them from qualifying leads effectively. All the leads from the different campaigns should go into the lead funnel from where they are qualified to determine if they will become a customer or not.

Fire Your Prospects!

This sounds crazy but this will be the most powerful thing you can do for your business. The fact is that you cannot and most definitely do not want to work with all prospects. You should decide who  you want to work with and youre firedimmediately get rid of the tire kickers and jerks, as they will take up most of your time and energy. Scarcity of leads is the only reason agents try to convert every lead without realizing that this will jeopardize their efforts and lead to frustration and eventually leaving the business.

To summarize the most important aspects of lead generation is to engage and qualify the leads, and fire those you do not want to be associated with.

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