Instagram – Lead Generation Tool


What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform for online mobile photo and video sharing. Currently there are more than 500 million users registered on Instagram and more than 95 million pictures and videos are posted daily. These pictures are then shared and re shared by other Instagram users.instagram

Instagram was purchased by Facebook in 2012 for $1 Billion and the number of users has grow by 23% in the past year alone.

Lead Generation Potential?

For lead generation it is essential to setup an informative and intriguing profile with a link to your website and your email address.  Taking a picture and post it to Instagram with good #Hashtags provide the potential for hundreds of thousands of people to see you picture, access your profile and your website. These pictures are also shared and re shared by other Instagram users on their own profiles creating the potential of a picture going Viral. Just imagine the exposure for your real estate listing, or to attract buyer and seller leads.

Drawback of Instagram

Users can only post via their mobile devices unless special software is used to schedule, edit and post from a desktop instamatecomputer. In many instances posting and working from your mobile device makes it more difficult to properly optimize and automate your marketing efforts on Instagram.  A lot of Software is available and differs in price so I do recommend that you do some due  diligence to find the one most suited for you. Also important is that you get one where you can test it with a money back guarantee.

Instagram Training 

Setting up an Instagram account is fairly straight forward but if not optimized from the beginning, the cost may be a lot of time wasted to do it over later or even more serious, a lot of wasted opportunities to generate leads and business.

Again the key is in automation and optimization. I do recommend that when setting up an Instagram account to get the right training on how to do it properly. There are many training guides available and I recommend that you check out “INSTAGRAM ON FIRE”  which also offer a 60 day money back guarantee.


Currently with more than 500 Million users (Potential customers) #Instagram should definitely form part of any marketing plan.

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