Automate your Lead Generation


Why Automate your Lead Generation?


The whole purpose of authorization is to make your business more effective. Authorization of systems and processes is why so many franchises are successful.

Herewith some of  the benefits:

  1. Lead generation takes place while you sleep or are on vacation.
  2. You can focus your time on lead conversion.
  3. Free up your time to focus on other important tasks such as building your business.
  4. It is easy to set it up.
  5. Everybody knows exactly what is expected.
  6. Free up your time to spend time with your family or do the things that you like.

If your lead generation is dependent on you, you are not a business owner but an employee and slave to your business.

What is Automation?

Automate2Automation of lead generation is simply the processes or systems put in place to generate a contact stream of leads 24/7 without interference from you personally.

This can be achieved an several ways as described in other pages of this site and the most productive way is to drive traffic to your website, the site capture the leads, and the automated followup ensure the leads are cultivated.

At Wealthy affiliate there are a lot of training content about traffic generation through SEO, Social Media, PPC and more.  There are also several other techniques where a business can go to search for prospects and drive them to your offer. These are also discussed on other pages of

I also encourage you to read the book “The E Myth Revisited” by Michael E Gerber and you will understand the importance and process to Automation. You can order it directly from Amazon on the link below:



Remember to Follow-up property and consistently. Check out “The Money is in the Followup


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