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I am Lee and I am an online marketing expert and we specialize in online lead generation for the real estate industry, more specifically showing, training and mentoring real estate agents and real estate investors to generate an abundance of lead for their business at no or very little cost.

Hey Dumb-ass, you are too smart!

Hope I did not offend you and if I did, read this first and then let me know if you still feel that way.

I had the opportunity to converse on lead generation issues with many real estate agents. The one think all successful agents have in common is that they have a lead generation system and they stick to that system diligently. Some of these systems in my opinion is not the best use of prospecting time (such as cold calling and door knocking) but if you do it diligently you will get business. (You may not spend time with your loved one’s but you will have business.)

Other systems such direct response marketing is much less time consuming but again for this to be effective you need to be diligent and do it consistently for it to be successful.

Now to get to the heading. Lead generation is really simple, so keep it simple. I have worked with some highly intelligent agents, who just cannot make their lead generation work. They will spend money on coaching programs and systems but it just does not work.

The reason they cannot make it work is that they believe that there must be a better and more intelligent way to do lead generation, so they ignore what the coaches teach. They will be changing and adapting already proven and successful lead generation strategies because they believe it is too simple a so they never stick with one strategy long enough to be successful. To them I want to say, “Hey Dumb-ass you are too clever”

I experienced this 1st hand while coaching agents in lead generation. They will sit with me and see how simple it is as we generate 10 to 20 leads per day, but they will still not apply what they see and they will attempt to convince you there must be a better way.

Do not over complicate your lead generation, select one or two methods and when it works, stick with it.

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Free Traffic

This whole site is dedicated to proof to you that Lead generation is the easy part of the real estate business.

All the information I share with you on this  site is free but please note that most the tools I use in my own business is not free (I may share links to those tools for those who are interested).

Today I am sharing information on a Free tool that very few marketers knows about that will assist you in generating traffic to your website.

Remember the formula:  Optimized Website + Traffic + Followup = Leads and Sales

This tool is called and I create a short 5 minute video tutorial on how to use Check it out here:

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Cheap Real Estate Leads

Hi Guys, I want to share this with you because it is a question I frequently get asked: “Where do I get cheap real estate leads”.

Before I can answer this I then ask: What is Cheap?

You should not refer to it as a cost, but rather as an investment in the growth of your business.  You see there is always a cost associated with lead generation. If you do not spend cash money to invest in getting leads, you have to invest your time and effort.

On investing Cash: You can spend money on developing your lead generation website, your funnel and driving targeted traffic to your funnel, or you can simply buy leads. The 1st is much cheaper, more sustainable and recommended as a long terms strategy. Buying leads should only be an option if you did not educate yourself on how to generate leads.

On investing time: You can do cold calling, door knocking, of influence or building your audience through SEO. This is by far much less time efficient and in the end will cost more in wasted opportunity.

So in conclusion: Investing money is the fastest as well as the most predictable and efficient way of generating leads.

So depending on what your definition is of cheap, there is always a cost associated with lead generation.

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Google Sniper Review 2016

This is a Google Sniper Review to see if it will still work in 2016.

Google Sniper 3.0

Product: Google Sniper
Type: Affiliate Marketing
Price: $47/Month with money back guarantee
Guarantee: 60 day money back, backed by Clickbank
Rating: 4 out of 5

Product description: This product was developed by George Brown, Millionaire Internet marketer, and is a training system to create profitable Affiliate marketing sites.

Google Sniper is available through Clickbank with the Clickbank money back guarantee. This product is a step by step roadmap to show both new and advanced affiliate marketers how to build and rank websites to sell affiliate products. Once the websites are set up the sites will continue to generate profits with minimal additional effort.

This is not a get rich fast program and although the income of $1500 to $2500 per day as shown on the Official Google Sniper website is possible, it will take patience,  a period of time and a lot of effort to achieve these results. If you are lazy this program is probably not for you but with a couple of hours a week and following the blueprint, this may become highly profitable.

Google Sniper focuses on building small niche sites to rank on Google and it is not an online community such as Wealthy Affiliate where you get the training and support to build a long term sustainable online business.

Google Sniper is a blueprint with techniques and software to start an affiliate business in a relative short period of time. This Google Sniper Review found that it will absolutely work in 2016

Click Here to Visit the Official Google Sniper Website!

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Real Estate Lead Generation Websites

Real Estate lead generation websites are one of the most crucial tools any modern real estate agent need. You will notice that I used the plural for website because that is what is required to be truly successful in lead generation.

We need both a branded website and several less branded websites. The branded site could be generic and is mainly to introduce yourself (brand yourself) to your customers or visitors and on this website you provide resources and tools.

The less branded sites will be your principle lead generation site. This will not look like a typical real estate website. Each site should be one page and address only one specific niche for example if your focus is to generate cash buyer and investor leads, advertise to get them access to distressed or bank foreclosure properties. Get them to opt in on a form by offering them something of benefit, such as access to the list of distressed homes. The result is a lead.

Another example is where you have a website that only deal with a specific area or neighborhood and offer to provide them with easy access to all the listings in that neighborhood, offer to setup a showing, etc. To get this list they opt in and again the result is a lead.

There are many providers that offer so called lead generation websites but in my experience the majority of these are not worth a lot.

Creating your own real estate lead generation websites is so easy and fast, and if the correct methods and resources are used, can be setup without you having to spent one dime. Sites such a weebly to mention one do provide free websites which are plug and play and a lead generation website can be setup in minutes.

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When to Walk Away from Business!

Why You Should Walk Away from Business?

Many business people ask the question “When to fire a client? and this may sound crazy, but believe me sometimes it is crucial for your business to let youre firedclients or potential clients go.  You will know them when you meet them, they will just waste away you time and ultimately your energy.

Walking away from business is not in our nature, we see potential and want to harvest it and sometimes this overrides our reasoning. Choosing who you work with and walking away from business may be the smartest thing you can do for your business. Remember who you work with is a direct reflection of your business.

Some of the tell tale signs of potential clients you do not want to work with:

  1. They do not respect your time

You setup a meeting and they arrive 30 or an hour late. Not only this but they then expect you to stay until they are finished without regard of other appointments waiting for you. By accepting this you show them that your time is not valuable and this will set the tone for the rest of your business relationship.

      2. They Micromanage

These are the clients that “knows” a lot more than what you know about your expertise and they will attempt to convince you why your proposals will not work. Just imagine working with a client who will be questioning everything you, every day do and tell you why what you are doing will not work. These clients will “force” their ideas and blame you afterwards when it does not produce results.

      3. They are vague about their Business goals and budgets

These clients are most probably shopping around for ideas and in all probability they are playing the field. Chances are great that you will be spending a lot of time on presenting proposals and plans without any financial benefit. These type of clients will also not commit to working with you, just ask them for a firm commitment in writing and see.

Ultimately you as a business professional must decide what is the best for your business and how to best spend you time productively. A colleague questioned me on my reasoning for walking away from potential business after the 1st meeting with the clients. His words was “How can you know what the outcome of the game will be without stepping on the plate to bat”  and while this holds true for baseball, with these clients we are not even playing on the same field, so stepping onto the p[late does not matter.

I will rather let them down now than letting both them and myself down later.

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Lead Generation for Home Based Business, Internet Marketing Techniques

Lead Generation

To generate leads for any type of business, the same message apply. – Offer something of value to address the

DRM strategy

DRM strategy

problem or question and fulfill the desire of the audience. – This sound simple but I found that there are some “Rules“. With lead generation for home based business, internet marketing may be very effective as the main source of leads.

Rules for Effective Online Lead Generation

  1. Stand out from the crowd – Put your business or service or product in a category of one (Why should I do business with you rather than with the competition). Easily achievable  by creating an effective USP  for your business or service or product. Your customers must clearly understand the benefits of doing business with you.
  2. Identify your market (Know your customers, who they are, where they come from, why they need your offering, what their motivation are, and how they search for the product or service)
  3. Adhere to the 3 M’s of marketing.  There should not be any disconnect between your market, the Media and the Message. When you fully understand you customer (Market), you know where he searches online so this is where you place your offering in a clear and compelling way (Media) and when your customer go to your website, you present this offering in front of him (Message).  I see many online marketers making the mistake of  offering  a specific service or product and then they send the customer to a general website offering all their services. This will create a disconnect and most customers will lose interest at this time.  Remember the customer is only interested in solving his problem and quite frankly do not care about all your other product or service offerings.
  4. Capture the customer details in a on threatening way (webform) by offering something of value, so you can build your mailing list and re market to them.
  5. Never rely on only one form of online marketing. Think of your marketing as a building, and your types of marketing as the pillars. A building with just one pillar will eventually fall, so have at a minimum 3 strategies in place at all times.


What cannot be measures cannot be managed. Track your success with each campaign or advertisement you do sointernet marketing you know what is the return on your investment of time and money for each.


This is the most important aspect of lead generation. Be consistent and dedicated with your marketing campaigns and you will increase and maintain your lead flow.

DRM strategy


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Real Estate Lead Generation Software

Researching real estate lead generation software you will find a lot of websites claiming to provide those services.

Reality is that there is only one way to get online leads and that is by getting visitors to your website. The fact is that people will only go to websites where they will find a solution to a problem or they have or where they can find the information they are looking for.

Again as explained in other posts there are essentially two ways of traffic generation. The one is through SEO and that may take a long time and a lot of work and the other is by placing compelling ads on paid or free sites that compels people to visit your website.

There is no software that will automatically generate leads. Once a website is setup and optimized to address specific questions,  prospects will enter their data or call for information, and that is when a lead is generated.

I always maintain that to generate online real estate leads is and always will be the easiest part of the business (Check out my page) and that it can be achieved by any real estate agent, following a simple set of procedures.

Unfortunately people are looking for a quick fix and by subscribing to a company that claim to provide real estate lead generation software, they just waste a lot of money on something they can easily do themselves.

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Why Pay for Real Estate Lead Generation Services?

To rely on real estate lead generation services companies for you business leads may well be suicide for your real estate business in the long run.

The reasons real estate agents rely on buying leads is mainly because they do not have the knowledge to do it blogging-336375_640themselves, or they are just plain lazy. Real estate is one of the least regulated industries and with just a couple of hours training  someone can get a license to practice real estate, and this training unfortunately does not include lead generation and marketing and the agent will be relying on his broker to teach him how to find leads and clients.

Many brokers went through the same “school of hard knocks” and thus also does not have the marketing knowledge to pass on to their agents. The new agent will struggle along for a while and if they do not give up, they will either get a real mentor to help them or they will go to the next step and start paying for leads.

There are essentially two types of real estate lead generation companies, the one type that will sell the same lead to several real estate agents in a City or zip code, and the second type who will actually provide an agent with a lead generation website and also provide services to assist the agent to generate his/her own and exclusive real estate leads. For this second option the agent does not have to know how to do it and the agent can only focus on following up and conversion.

There is another possibility, which is for the agent to get the education necessary to generate his/her own lead generation websites and marketing those websites effectively to generate exclusive leads for their real estate business. These skills are essential because it will enable the agent to test and change and add to his lead generation website to keep up with market changes without having to rely on someone else to dictate his real estate business.

Although the old school methods such as door knocking and cold calling still work to get clients, this is not the most Start Onlineeffective use of your time. If more than 90% of real estate customers start their search and research  online before they buy or sell real estate, it will make sense that it is where you should focus the majority of your marketing and lead generation efforts.

Learning the skills to build your own effective lead generation website and to do effective and targeted marketing will take less time than it took to get your license and the return may be phenomenal. Learn the principles of direct target marketing, direct response lead generation and automated followup systems and build the type of real estate income you desire, without relying on or making rich the real estate lead generation services providers.

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Exclusive Real Estate Leads

Are your Real Estate leads Really Exclusive Real Estate Leads?

Like the majority of real estate agents who do not know how to generate their own leads you may also be one of those who succumb to buying leads through lead sources such as Zollow, Trulia, or the hundreds of other sites that make their money selling real estate leads.

You will also by now realize that these buyer or seller leads are not provided to you exclusively. In most cases the same real estate lead is sold and handed off to numerous agents who then compete for the business, much like doing cold calling.

These leads are not exclusive to you and the ONLY 2 reasons a real estate agent buys leads are that they do not know how to generate exclusive leads for themselves or that they are just plain lazy.

To generate your own exclusive real estate leads through direct response marketing campaigns is easy but it takes EFFORT and time, so if you are lazy you will not succeed.

If you are a real estate agent that is serious about your real estate business it is very easy to setup automated systems to generate you own exclusive real estate leads 24/7, and the systems and processes are described in detail in this website, and will be expanded regularly.

Just a reminder that it takes time (can be outsourced at a very low fee once it is setup) and consistency to generate a constant and reliable stream of exclusive real estate leads for you business, so do not even start if you are not dedicated to do it for the long run.

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