Are you also a Commodity Real Estate Agent?

By | March 28, 2016

All Real Estate Agents are the Same!

It is a fact that in the eyes of the public, real estate agents are all the same. We all sell the same homes from the same MLS, no wonder real estate agents are considered a commodity. The way real estate agents advertise themselves rather than what they can do does not help either. Looking at realcommodity agents estate agent advertisements they are all “Honest”, “Sincere”, “will work hard for you”, “Have integrity” or are the “Top” agent just to mention a few of the hundreds of phrases they use to market themselves or “Brand” themselves. With more than 2 million real estate agents with active licenses in the US all branding themselves the same, no wonder real estate agents are considered a commodity.

Real estate agents are a commodity because you do not know any better. The first thing a real estate agent is told after getting his/her license is to “brand yourself”, because those who teach them was also taught this 40 years ago, and they also do not know any better. This is right up there with cold calling, just as ineffective and the worst possible way to spend time and money doing lead generation. No wonder that more than 90% of real estate agents are out of the business within the 1st 5 years.

The main reason why real estate agents quit the business within the 1st 5 years is because they do not make money and they do not make money because they do not have enough clients, and they do not have enough clients because they do not know how to get clients. They do not have  the knowledge or understanding of effective prospecting for warm leads in the digital age.

Failing to acknowledge and understand the following 2 principles will make it increasingly harder to become effective in lead generation:

  1. Home buyers and home sellers are are looking to buy or sell a home and not looking for a real estate agents to work with. They are actually trying to avoid real estate agents and will only work with an agent out of necessity.
  2. Marketing for lead generation should not be about branding (we already acknowledged that all real estate agents are considered the same) but should be focusing on the benefit the home buyer or home seller will get working with you. WHY THEY SHOULD DO BUSINESS WITH YOU RATHER THAN ANY OTHER REAL ESTATE AGENT OUT THERE!

With any #leadgeneration strategy or campaign, 1st answer the above question before spending money on advertising and marketing.

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