Are You a Real Estate Lead Generator?

By | October 2, 2015

The Difference!

There is a huge difference between someone who uses another company or service to generate lead for them and being a real estate lead generator yourself.

If you truly understand your customer and you truly understand the principles of effective lead generation you will Training and skillsbe able to enter any new marketplace and start working with warm leads right away.  I always use the example of that a true lead generator can be dropped off anywhere in the country and he/she will have new customers to work with in that marketplace that very same day! This may sound insane to some people but this is easily achievable by just implementing effective lead generation principles, and it work in ANY market.

The fact is that the majority of real estate agents are starving for leads. The sad fact is that the majority of agents that are in this situation do not know any better.

The Rules!

To become really an effective real estate lead generator, one need to learn these methods, rules, principles and skills but more importantly applying these methods in advertising campaigns. (Check out the rules for effective lead generation – CLICK RULES). Even more important is to be persistent and doing it continuously as this will create real success.

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