2 Tips to Save Money when Using Facebook Ads

By | July 9, 2016

Facebook and Relevance Scores!

Facebook updated their advertising system and clever advertisers save a lot of advertising dollars by using two simple techniques. But 1st let me explain. In the past the advertisers with the biggest budgets got the most impressions using Facebook dark posts, but this has now changed.

To make the user experience more pleasant Facebook  now focuses on relevance, meaning how relevant the posted

ad is to the landing page. The users on Facebook has the opportunity to rate the ads they are seeing on their profilefb and if they perceive ads as lower quality those ads will receive a lower relevance score and be penalized by Facebook by increasing the Pay Per Click cost for those ads.

The solution is very simple: Make sure that there is no disconnect between the ad and the landing page. For example if you advertise a specific type of  handbag, and users click on the link, they expect to view the detail of that handbag on the landing page. If the landing page features all types of handbags and other items there may be a disconnect and your ad may receive a lower relevancy score and your ad cost will increase.

Tip 1: Provide quality content on the landing page or provide the user exactly what you promised in the ad copy. This will create a pleasant user experience, increase the relevancy score and decrease your cost per click.

Image Text

This is a new rule change by Facebook. Previously Facebook disallowed all ads with images with more than 20% text. Facebook now changed that rule and they will allow ads images with more than 20%  text, but beware, this does not mean that Facebook will not penalize you for images with more that 20% text.

The new Facebook rule is that although they will allow all images, those with more than 20% text on them will be FB Toolpenalized, and the more text the bigger the penalty. This penalty will be in the form of ads containing images with lots of text being shown less frequently than those fewer text, meaning your ads will receive less exposure thus increasing your advertising cost.

Tip 2: Only use images with fewer than 20 text on them. Before posting check the ad with the Facebook tool – https://www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay

Some facts:

Both the relevancy of the ad with the landing page and the quality of the image will have a major impact on advertising cost when using Facebook dark posts. I managed to reduce my cost per click from around $.50 per click to around $.15 per click just focusing on these aspects of my marketing.

Quality content, relevancy and playing by the rules are the name of the game.

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