Lead Generation – It’s The Easy Part of Business


Lead Generation is Easy

The easiest part of  marketing is online lead generation, and this is especially true for the real estate industry, network marketing and also any services industry. Having said that, to do effective lead generation you do need a system, and you need invest time to learn, build and implement this system. (In the next couple of weeks we will show you how to build this lead generation system.)

This is a very bold statement, but lead generation is easy, unfortunately very few business people acknowledge this to be the case.

Lead Generation is Easy

Lead Generation is Easy

An example of this is that in the real estate industry many agents are starving because they do not learn this very basic and easy aspect to build their business. In the MLM business for instance they teach their members to contact family and friends to do business and the result is that their family and friends avoid them. They do not know any better and they are not taught how to generate tons of leads on their own.

In real estate brokers teach their agents to do cold calling which result in many real estate agents leaving the business. Cold calling is the worst way for any real estate agent to use their time prospecting. (Read the page about “Why Cold Calling is Stupid”)

The reason is that they believe that it is hard to generate your own leads, and this is mostly because that is what their colleagues, who also does not know any better, tells them.

The truth is that with the right training you will soon get a good understanding of how this works and how simple it really is to do effective and consistent lead generation.

3 basic requirements for Lead Generation

An effective lead generation strategy for any business have 3 basic requirements:

  1. Identify your market/customer,
  2. An effective marketing campaign targeting your customers, and
  3. A lead capture website offering them what they want and remember “The ONLY purpose of a business website is to generate leads or sales”

Once you understand why this works and implement it you will set yourself apart for the rest and consistently generate leads and sales for your business.

The vast majority of customers start their search for a product or service on the internet so to succeed you need to understand how to compel those prospects to do business with you.

I personally joined a free online coaching community “Wealthy Affiliate University”  where I was coached to become successful.

Just to remind you that Building a successful online business is not an event it is a journey.

The above will be discussed in more detail in the next couple of days.

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13 thoughts on “Lead Generation – It’s The Easy Part of Business

  1. Robin

    I joined a MLM company and the very frustrating thing is that the only marketing they show you how to do is to market to friends and family. This is something that i just do not want to do. The products that they are offering are exceptional products and I use and enjoy them myself. If I could find a different method of marketing them I would be much happier. Wonder if your lead generation idea would work for this. Robin

    1. Lee Post author

      Hi Robin, this lead generation strategy will absolutely work for MLM and it is used by some of the top level MLM people to both generate leads for their downline/organization and also to sell their products. We use what is called direct response marketing / advertising and the basis of DRM is to offer prospects a benefit or benefits rather than the product or opportunity. Remember prospects do not want to talk with a salesperson and they definitely run away from an MLM opportunity as I am sure you would have experienced. The reason for this is because we are taught to convince people how good the products are or to convince then of the excellent business opportunity. This screams “SALES PERSON” and drives prospects away because people do not want to be sold.
      With direct response marketing we do a benefit rich offer in our marketing and we provide an easy and non threatening way for them to get access to the benefit (Website or hotline).
      Hope this makes sense and in the next couple of weeks we will go into this in more detail. What you learn here at Wealthy Affiliate will give you a very sound basis to implement a DRM strategy. You have a very nice website and with targeted traffic you should do very well. Lee

  2. jazzy323

    I have never really understood how to generate leads, as there is so much misinformation out there, for example paying for leads which dont end up working etc. Therefore, reading this article helps a lot because when i was working in insurance, i also was told the same thing mentioned in the article, such as asking your family and friends which didnt end up working. Great article

    1. Lee Post author

      Thank you for the comment. The same lead generation techniques can be applied in any industry.

  3. Boniface

    Nice post right there!
    Lead generation in real estate and other businesses is quite an important strategy for internet marketing. One of the chief reasons is that unlike MLM or other strategies, one is able, through internet marketing, to venture out of any geographical constraints and market on a global perspective

    Post more to teach more, thanks.

    1. Lee Post author

      Hi, thanks for the comments. I believe that the main goal for all the content we create online if to get customers. Every post, page or interaction should be focused on this. Wishing you all the best.


  4. Tar

    Although it’s easy, it’s time consuming which I think it’s a con. Still, we all have to use that time to understand.

    I guess that sacrifice should be made or the potential of generating leads is gone.

    In my opinion, lead generation somehow is relevant to any industry where product is owned besides service industry.

    It’s a universal approach. Same principle. Same method.

    1. Lee Post author

      Thanks for the comments. The principles are the same for all industries and products/services. Online lead generation could be time consuming without automation, but still much less time consuming than other methods such as cold calling.


  5. moses

    i find your website very intersting, as i step my first steps in internet marketing.
    can you please, share your experience and discuss the pitfalls one could bump, when creating lead list.
    i find email marketing very different from web blogging or content making. do you have a manual or a step by step guide for your lead making list?

    1. Lee Post author

      Hi thanks for your comments. Blogging and content making is a great way to get free traffic to your site. When setting up a site for lead generation purposes, I recommend putting a lead capture form on every page to capture lead details for list building. This whole process of lead capture, list building and list followup should be automated. Read the page about http://releadgeneration.com/the-money-is-in-the-fo… on more about this.

      My website releadgeneration.com is not a lead generation website for the purposes of list building. My website http://greaterswfl.com is an example of a website I use to build a list of home buyers for my real estate business.

      Hope this helps.

  6. Neil

    I’ve always sucked when it comes to generating leads online. 🙁 lol. Mainly because I’ve either got the landing pages wrong and/or the wording of my ads. I’ve lost so much money on Google Adwords in the past.

    I want to try generating leads again but this time I’ll be coming back to your site for the help I need. 🙂

    I’m also curious about Wealthy Affiliate, so I’ll check out your link too.


  7. Nick

    I was once an insurance salesman and was told to use that method of asking friends and family to do the whole thing where I would try to sell them some policies.

    It wasn’t really a great experience for anyone (myself included) and didn’t work at all for new sales. I think you made a very important point when you said you need to identify your specific market. From my experience it doesn’t do any good to talk with people who are not at all interested in what you have to offer.

    Thanks for the help!

    1. Lee Post author

      Thank you for the comment. There is so many other ways to get real leads interested in your offer.


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